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General Statement

Austria sees itself as a culturally rich and open-minded country, in which diverse, experimental and critical art is always welcome. Austrian cultural policy is guided by a democratic and solidary worldview according to which artists, regardless of their national origin, sexual orientation or social background, deserve respect and the opportunity to create their art freely and protected by the constitutional right to freedom of expression and in accordance with the applicable laws. There is no place for any form of discrimination that runs counter to these principles.

Office Ukraine was created in this spirit at the beginning of March 2022. Initiated by the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport together with representatives of the Austrian art scene, Office Ukraine has since been trying to help artists and cultural producers who have fled to Austria from Ukraine due to Russia’s large-scale invasion: through networking, consulting, listening, providing concrete support and with donations. All persons working for Office Ukraine vigorously condemn Russia’s war of aggression against the sovereign Ukrainian state and try to help the displaced colleagues as much as possible with all means at their disposal. In all teams of Office Ukraine in Vienna, Graz and Innsbruck there are people with diverse origins and personal histories.

Office Ukraine appreciates any support from people who want to help the Ukrainian art and culture community that has fled to Austria in a sustainable way and want to be part of our team – regardless of their origin. All members of the Office Ukraine teams in Vienna, Graz and Innsbruck work exclusively in this spirit and have proven for more than one and a half years with their activities that they always pursue the well-being of Ukrainian artists and cultural producers in Austria. As a platform anchored in the Austrian cultural landscape, our work is guided exclusively by democratic and solidary values and we condemn any form of discrimination and violence. We observe with concern developments in the art and cultural scene that run counter to these convictions and risk silencing critical reflection and exchange. With our work we want to contribute to an open, diverse and critical cultural scene in Austria, of which many Ukrainian colleagues have become an integral part. Please support us in this endeavor!